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Sign Association of Hong Kong Spearheads Environmental Initiatives: Offering Professional Waste Management Services in Response to Government New Garbage Policy

Updated: Mar 8

As an international metropolis, Hong Kong has always been committed to enhancing environmental awareness and implementing sustainable development strategies. With the government's implementation of a new domestic garbage fee policy this year, commercial waste management is also facing new challenges and regulations. Against this backdrop, the Sign Association of Hong Kong (hereafter referred to as "the Association"), a historic organization dedicated to providing professional support to the advertising industry, is now launching innovative waste management services to help the industry comply with new regulations while promoting environmental protection.

In light of the new policy, the Association understands the pressing need to effectively manage the use and disposal of advertising materials. To address this, the Association has established a comprehensive waste management process that includes collection, sorting, treatment, and recycling/reuse, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the advertising production process.

Moreover, the Association has introduced a certificate issuing system. After the advertising materials have been professionally processed, the Association will issue certificates to the relevant advertising users, certifying the disposal method of the waste and the amount of carbon emission reduction achieved. This initiative not only helps to raise the environmental standards of the advertising industry but also provides a tangible tool for advertising users to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and effectiveness in their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.

The waste management services offered by the Association not only respond to the government's new regulations on commercial waste management but also reflect the organization's support and commitment to environmental causes. Through these services, the Hong Kong Advertising Production Association demonstrates its role as an industry leader and its dedication to guiding the industry towards a greener and more sustainable path. At a time when the world faces severe climate change and environmental challenges, every step taken to reduce carbon footprints and waste is of great importance.

To further encourage industry participation, the Association will provide professional consulting services to help members assess the environmental benefits of their advertising campaigns and optimize processes for better environmental performance. This not only helps to meet government regulations but can also enhance company brand image and establish a responsible corporate citizen image in the minds of consumers.

Additionally, the Association will organize environmental workshops and seminars to improve industry understanding and application of sustainable practices and promote the sharing of knowledge and technology. Through these training and exchange events, the Association hopes to inspire more innovative environmental solutions and strengthen internal industry cooperation to face environmental challenges together.

These initiatives by the Hong Kong Advertising Production Association show its determination to enhance environmental consciousness within the industry and its commitment to practicing corporate social responsibility. As the garbage fee policy is implemented, the Association's efforts will guide the entire advertising industry towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future, bringing tangible benefits to its members and promoting environmental awareness and action across society.

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