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We are proud to introduce a pioneering initiative that will transform the landscape of carbon offsetting. Through a strategic collaboration with experts in blockchain technology and advertising production, we have established a cutting-edge blockchain registry system that brings unparalleled transparency and accountability to the certification of carbon offsets. This innovative approach ensures that every carbon offset certificate is meticulously tracked, verified, and managed throughout its lifecycle, from issuance to retirement. By leveraging our expertise in advertising production, we are committed to promoting the significance of certified carbon offsets and their role in combatting climate change. Additionally, we have partnered with experienced professionals in recycling and auditing to meticulously oversee the verification and management of each carbon offset certificate, upholding the highest standards of environmental integrity. This collaborative effort aims to empower our customers to make informed and impactful decisions in supporting sustainability initiatives. We believe that this integrated approach will not only bolster the credibility of carbon offsetting but also inspire widespread awareness and action towards building a more sustainable future. Join us in embracing this new era of transparency and accountability in carbon offsetting as we work together to make a meaningful and lasting difference for our planet.


How SAHK help your ESG Reporting

SAHK understand the critical need to effectively manage the use and disposal of advertising materials. To address this issue, the association has established a comprehensive waste management process, including collection, sorting, treatment and recycling/reuse, designed to reduce the environmental impact of the advertising production process. In addition, the association has also launched a certificate issuance system. After the advertising waste materials are professionally processed, the association will issue Cabron Offset Certificates to relevant advertising users to prove the waste disposal method and the carbon emission reduction achieve. With the certificates can bolster ESG reports by showcasing a company's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting sustainable practices. By investing in projects that offset greenhouse gas emissions, companies demonstrate environmental responsibility, engage stakeholders, ensure compliance, and improve ESG performance ratings. These initiatives help mitigate climate-related risks, enhance transparency, and align with growing stakeholder expectations for sustainable business practices. Integrating information about carbon offsetting efforts in ESG reports strengthens a company's sustainability narrative, highlighting its proactive approach to addressing climate change and promoting environmental stewardship in a tangible and measurable way.

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